Humanity on ITjobfairu: Do you want to program from the beach?

As an employee of Humanity you can at one time work with your colleagues in the office in the center of Belgrade, and the next you're sitting on a beach and do - remotely. The food from the best restaurants served to employees in separate rooms, home with billiards, foosball and Xbox ... Yes, there is such a company in Serbia. Meet Humanity! In the first IT job fair, they will transfer part of their everyday working atmosphere. Here they will...pročitaj više »

MAIN PARTNER ITKONEKT, Microsoft Development Center Serbia: Serbia can be Israel in IT

When Microsoft opened a development center in our country in 2005, there were only eight employees. Today, Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MCDS) employs about 200 people. And almost all of them were trained in Serbia. This year MDCS, is marking jubilee 10 years of existence, and can be proud to have in their ranks one of the most talented IT professionals in Serbia. Projects for future Few people know that IT engineers who sits at its...pročitaj više »

Vip mobile: Catch the wave of innovation

The key to success for Vip are innovation and desire that with new solutions give users a unique user experience. They live a different story through imagination and creativity, looking beyond the borders and inspire each other in achieving common goals. All those who want to catch the wave of new technology and become part of Vip other stories can apply to and visit them on the first ITjobfair in May 23 and 24 at the Crowne...pročitaj više »

First ITjobfair in Serbia – ITkonekt

Helmet for virtual reality, simulation of new work places, how is it to be a programmer in the 21st century, modern office chair with massage and space for games, billiards and pinball games are just some of the ways in which the company will present at the first job fair intended exclusively IT industry. What are the advantages and how it looks today work in modern IT companies, you will find out if you visit this event. First IT Job Fair will...pročitaj više »

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IT job fair

IT professionals in Serbia are well known and appreciated around the world. They work on projects worth millions, and most of these products we will use in a years to come. On the other hand, more and more companies in Serbia are opening new positions in IT every day, starting new business possibilities. Our goal is to help connect them with right kind of IT professional.

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IT Conference

IT experts need to keep up with new technologies and tools that are necessary for their career development. Are you interested to find out what are new trends in IT, what’s hot in biggest IT companies in the world, what are new program languages to come? This will be main topics on ITconference; great speakers are revealing what is to come in future of it industry. Our conference is great place to discover new business opportunities or find partners for your own IT projects.

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Game space

Gaming industry is one of the fastest growing today. Some people are making lot of money thanks to games they launched, and there are more and more people who want to try out in this profitable industry. GameSpace gathers all stakeholders in gaming in one place. Visitors will have an opportunity not only to test new games on the market, but to explore with some new ideas, or try to code a little bit for parts of games...

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All the IT experts in one place

ITkonekt is IT community that gathers IT experts, junior and senior IT professionals, xperienced IT managers, so as students in IT and interns. We want to use great possibilities of IT networking, that leads to new projects, great profit and unlimited opportunities of career development for IT professionals.

ITkonekt will be held on May 20th and 21st, and it will have three parts: ITjobfair, ITconference and GameSpace.

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