Urban Mobility: Going Digital and Human-Centric

26.02.2016 - 19:00

People highly value and appreciate the freedom of mobility. No wonder that our cars – the central means of individual mobility – have become our most important status symbol and that the costs associated with them are one of the biggest expense items in our personal budgets. However, it does seem that we are at the beginning of a major change that will redefine our vehicular mobility, especially in cities. There are many reasons for this.   For one, the value of individual mobility and the value of using privately owned cars is decreasing.

Creating a User-Centric,Digital Workplace platform: Flexibility is Your Most Important Asset

19.05.2015 - 23:45

Well-established studies have shown that the use of social technologies can have dramatic positive effects on measurable performance indicators such as employee satisfaction, retention and productivity, whilst simultaneously breeding an enormous potential for indirect benefits such as corporate innovation.

Introduction to machine learning: Classification of news with the help of the working environment Weka

13.05.2015 - 15:15

Previous years machine learning has given quite good results in facilitating certain businesses, predicting events and brought big savings in various areas. The computer is now possible to learn to operate a fairly large number of jobs almost as effective as a man. Although we are still quite far from strong machine intelligence, which would be comparable to a man's, many jobs can be delegated to machines, without fear that they will she do worse than men.

Using mongodb aggregation pipeline

11.05.2015 - 15:00

Until recently, relational databases were the only option, however, over the past few years nosql bases are becoming increasingly used

Often we choose inertia of known technology, but it is not always a good choice. When you planning a new project, it is preferable to assume that the most important developments of the same, as well as its use, which are the specific features that are important to us.

How to hire a senior programmer? - Experience from Serbian market

11.05.2015 - 05:15

On the Serbian market companies every day faced with a lack of senior programmers who in addition to many years of experience in programming using specific technologies, have business knowledge in specific industries.

I will share experience from Puzzle Software, domestic companies operating locally and internationally, and currently consists of senior developers mainly focused on PHP, Java and .NET technologies.

Which are the most wanted IT jobs in Serbia

08.04.2015 - 14:15

The fact is that the unemployment rate in Serbia is extremely high, employers often a challenge to find in the labor market professionals with certain specific qualifications. ManpowerGroup compan is engaged in providing services in the field of human resource management, daily encounters with requests from clients where they seek candidates with very specific skills, licenses, experience on certain projects and the like.

Freelance vs Web Agencija

03.04.2015 - 19:30

Many young developers in the beginning appears this dilemma. What is better, what is useful, where higher wages, and many other questions are there ... I shared some views and thoughts derived mainly from personal experience, and you consider them and I hope it will help you in choosing when it is their turn.