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IT konferencija namenjena intermediate i senior programerima
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Topic: Practical PHP Deployment with Jenkins

Developers would love to "automate all the things", but where do we start? What tools exist for automating? And what can actually be automated? If we don't have unit tests can we still benefit from deployment automation? Adam Culp will show how a PHP application pulled from git, complete with unit tests, Composer dependency management, and package creation, can be deployed flawlessly using Jenkins. Then see how "Dev" and "Ops" are supported by a system if the application breaks through automated rollbacks.

Adam Culp

Adam Culp (@AdamCulp) author of "Refactoring 101" and Zend consultant at Rogue Wave Software, is passionate about developing with PHP and contributes to many open source projects. He organizes the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and the South Florida PHP Users Group (SoFloPHP) where he enjoys helping others write good code, implement standards, and refactor efficiently. He is a Zend Certified PHP 5.3 engineer, is a voting member of the PHP-Fig, and holds a seat on the Zend Framework Certification Advisory Board. You can also find him on his Run Geek Radio podcast and GeekyBoy technical blog. When he is not coding or contributing to various developer communities, he can be found hiking around the United States National Parks, teaching judo, or long(ultra) distance running.

Topic: HTTP Caching (Speed for Free)

The perceived end user performance is the single most quality factor of web applications. Many conceptual and technical aspects have to be done right to optimize speed but some of which are costly to do. HTTP caching offers a myriad of aspects that can help or harm performance and all of this is for free. The talk explains all facets of HTTP caching, evaluates their effectiveness and provides many practical tips to get the job done.

Markus Wirrer

Markus Wirrer is Partner and Head of Service Operations at Namics, a leading provider of e-business services. He has been active in the IT Industry since the early 1980's and since 1995 at Namics. During his career he worked in leading positions as Software Engineer, Software Architect and in Software Operations providing and operating software solutions for medium and large international companies and government. Through this experience, Markus has gained knowledge and expertise in all major technologies of the Internet.

Topic: Monitoring production with Kibana

Kibana is powerful open source tool designed for visualization data from Elasticsearch. When fed with information from production logs, it can give insight into system health, performance bottlenecks, and application usage. I’d like to demonstrate how to setup and use ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) in LAMP environment.

Miloš Nikolić

Miloš Nikolić is senior PHP developer, with over ten years of experience. He is working on CRM solutions at Endava. Milos is passionate about test automation and monitoring.

Topic: Building Testable API-Centric Apps

Why you should stop building traditional HTML based Web Apps and start building API-Centeric Apps in 2017?! How you can build a modern and scalable API-Centric App with PHP and Laravel quickly?!
What are the basic features that an API needs to be production ready and what is!
Why you should not use the MVC architectural pattern and what are the alternatives?!

Mahmoud Zalt

An expert and early adopter of the "Laravel” PHP framework, who was listed among the top 10 Laravel developers to follow online by “Laravel Daily” in 2016. As an active contributor to the open source community, he created “Laradock”, the most trending tool, for running PHP projects on “Docker”. And lately, he is developing “apiato”, a flawless framework for building scalable and testable API-Centric Applications in PHP. His immense passion for architectural and design patterns further inspired him to create “Porto”, a modern software architectural pattern that helps developers write maintainable and reusable code. For him programming is not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Topic: Branching strategies: choose wisely to minimise costs

Is your team choosing the branching strategy from the beginning, or is it switching after a while to better accommodate the current project stage? How does this affect you, and what are the costs involved? Multiply this by the number of repositories, each playing a definite role in a large-scale project, and you will want to know how to minimise the impact.
The branching model needs to be simple, flexible, and adaptable. See what's already being used by others, ask a few questions that might drive an adaptation of your choice, then choose wisely. Then let your team spend their time on coding rather than painfully switching strategies

Georgiana Gligor

After using PHP for more than a decade, Georgiana is living proof that geek girls are an asset to any team. She loves taming the Force of the DevOps dark side and mentoring team mates in achieving craftsmanship.
Over the past year she dived deep into Artificial Intelligence, using Watson and Rainbird to deliver real-life applications. This also led Georgiana into starting a PhD in Systems Engineering.

Topic: Vue JS 2

The JavaScript landscape is filled with great many frameworks. Is Vue JS just another tool in the box, more of the same? Or does it bring something worthy of choosing it for your next project? Vue is far from being the only newcomer in the area of JavaScript frameworks, but its simple approach to common problems has conquered the hearts and minds of many developers, and really fast! Let's explore what makes Vue so great, and how it compares to giants such as Google's Angular and Facebook's React.

Petar Slović

Hungry for code and ideas, Petar is a Front End Team Lead that loves everything JavaScript, but also admires the elegance of Laravel. In spare time he tries to make IoT things work using Web technologies.

Topic: Spring Cloud & The power of Microservices

"Spring Cloud, which builds on the power of Spring Boot, provides a lot of "out of the box" experiences that help a Microservice architecture get up & run in no time. E.g. you can get service-to-service calls, routing, load balancing and much more with nothing more than just the right dependencies. In this session, Cyril Gabathuler, one of the Founders at 3AP, will guide you through the main use case of the Spring Cloud and show how you can deploy a Microservice Java Application into the Cloud with a live example ."

Cyril Gabathuler

Cyril Gabathuler is a Software Developer in a young company called 3AP, that he co-founded in Zurich 3 years ago. He has extensive knowledge of Java Enterprise Technologies and Spring framework, which he acquired over the last 13 years while working for both large & small companies and clients across Europe. Cyril and his 2 teams in Zurich and Belgrade are passionate about innovative software development, agile methodology, and fast business value delivery.

Topic: JPPF vs Rabbit MQ: distributed task execution comparison

Need a geographically distributed task execution system, high-performant and robust, with low maintenance costs? Wondering about technologies to use? Learn how we did it for system containing over 400 servers, performing price checks on more than 30K websites worldwide. Tap in on our experience on working with 2 open source frameworks which we used for accomplishing the above: JPPF vs RabbitMQ.

Andrija Kovacević

Andrija is a software development engineer / team lead with more than 10 years of experience building web applications and distributed systems. He's strong problem solver and passionate about backend programming, flexible design, software architecture and performance gains. He loves to write clean and reusable code and makes no compromises about code quality. His focus is on Java, Spring, SQL optimization and backend technologies.

Branko Ostojić

As seasoned software engineer with 7 years of experience, Branko’s passion is modularity, reusability and efficiency of the solutions he’s in charge of. His experience covers both architecture of complex Web apps, and troubleshooting distributed software systems. Keen on learning about the latest technologies and constantly improving his knowledge, his focus is on Java, Spring (technically) and and team efficiency (organizationally). Branko leads Web development on Price2Spy project.

Topic: Welcome to the SSSR*
*SSSR stands for Serbian Startup Survival Reality

You’ve seen all episodes of Silicon Valley and you’re ready to start your own Startup story? Maybe you already have Startup but there are more questions than answers… You’ve gathered the team, prepared the pitch and now you’re dreaming of first or second round of investments or maybe you’re bootstrapped and trying to save money for renting oh so needed Cloud resources… and… now what? How to position solution in front of the Customers? Which prerequisites and regulations it has to fulfill in order to be accepted by Serbian users? Which tools and mechanisms to use in order to make it successful and accepted in the best way possible? Whether you are disrupting local or regional market, for sure you’ll be interested in our SSSR manual for Startup  survival in corporate world.

Jovana Kostić Head of Product Management, TeleGroup

Jovana has significant consulting experience both in field of standardization and design of business and IT processes acquired through the delivery of several Cloud and Business Management projects in Serbia and the region. Before joining TeleGroup, she worked for reputable companies as sales engineer and product manager. Today her primary focus is finding new technology solutions and partners who can help achieving better business outcomes.

Aleksandar Vratonjić Gligorijević Director of IT SBU, TeleGroup

After finishing his IT studies in Scotland, during which he was an intern in IBM, Aleksandar made his first steps in the world of IT business as member of sales team at SAGA company. As cofounder of two startups, Thoril and OutRun, he was part of the first generation tenants in ICT Hub in Belgrade. Currently he works as director of IT business unit at TeleGroup, focusing on implementation of innovative IT solutions for public and private sector Customers.

Topic: Let's build an EditorVR tool together!

EditorVR released as an experimental feature for Unity just before the holidays last year, allowing VR authors to create VR inside of VR. Your own VR project may require custom tools in order to aid in the creation of content and for your artists/designers to be most productive. Amir Ebrahimi, technical lead on the project, will show you how to create custom tools using the EditorVR framework and also provide some of the design philosophy behind the architecture.

Amir Ebrahimi

Amir Ebrahimi is a Principal Software Engineer on the Unity Labs team. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Amir has worked in the game industry for 14 years, co-founding his own studio, LUMINARY, at one point and is now back at Unity to advance the field of VR authoring.

Topic: Machine Learning for Text Analysis in Practice

This talk discusses machine learning methods for text analysis which are fast and easy to deploy in practice. Specifically, we will illustrate word2vec and its possible extensions. A special focus will be set on applications in digital journalism, especially in the growing field of re-packaging journalistic content, which is still mostly done via keyword-based search and an educated gut feeling.

Tim Nonner

Tim is crunching numbers as a Data Scientist at Tamedia in Zurich, one of the largest media companies in Switzerland. Before joining Tamedia, he spent several years as a staff researcher at IBM Research. He holds a PhD in Optimization Algorithms  and orignally studied mathematics.

Topic: "Image recognition: zero to sixty"

You have a Raspberry Pi that's gathering dust on the shelf? Come and join me into the world of Image Recognition and Python. Lets bring to life our Pi and make it work with APIs. Do you wonder how objects are being recognized by cameras? It is not as easy as you think...

Lyubomir Filipov

Lyubomir Filipov is PHP consultant, CTO and occasional speaker. Part of the Bulgaria PHP User Group, Programmers Club Veliko Tarnovo and in the organization of different developers' events like hackathons and weekly meetups. He is Zend Certified Engineer, focused  on PHP and NoSQL databases and all the new stuff now on the market.


Nowadays, concept of chat bots and artificial intelligence are popular topics. We will share our experience in smart software development. We will also present two concepts of chat bot development and how to make him smart.
If you already have been working in Artificial Intelligence or you planning to begin, you will get clear picture and guidelines which path to follow.

Milen Janjić

Twelve years long professional career in IT world, has started on Faculty of Organizational Science, where he has been working as an associate on faculty projects. Most of his career he spent in company Asseco where he was working in realization of 40 projects in various roles. He was involved in every big project that company had on domestic market and in the region. He gained experience in the world of payment, working as a head of R&D sector in company Printec. He is creator of unique System of branch transformation. From 2016, he is director of OWN IP Software products department in company Saga. In this company, he continues to develop his career. With his professional team, he is creating unique software products following the IT trends.

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