Dunav Insurance Company is the largest house in the insurance market in the country with a tradition of over 140 years.

As a joint stock company for insurance, reinsurance, coinsurance, and other insurance services, Dunav Insurance is the only house on the domestic market registered for all types of insurance (over 90 products).

Expert knowledge of employees, hard work and business principles, based on the quality of work processes, ranging from providing information to clients, quality preparation of contracts with a clear definition of the broadest protection of the insured, to the prompt payment of damages in the case of the risk, the guarantors of security and trust, making of the Company's significant factor of stability.

All market studies indicate that the Dunav Insurance strongest brand in the Serbian insurance. Without exaggeration, we can say that the Dunav Insurance Company synonym for insurance in Serbia.

Seriously realizing its social responsibility, the company is investing in a number of sports clubs and individuals, cultural, scientific and artistic projects with the awareness that only support the real values ​​leads to true progress.

Speed ​​and flexibility in work, age and educational structure of employees, staff professional development, introduction of new types and modes of insurance, and most importantly - fast payment of damages in real terms, Dunav Insurance Company provides leading position in the domestic insurance market.