It all started in 2006. when an american startup Object Capital ltd. (later AnalytX) opened its Belgrade office. Later it got merged with the french IT company called eFront. Today, we are making inhouse software solutions for the private equity industry – our two biggest products are FrontGP and FrontInvest, therefore most of our clients are investment funds and banks.

Currently we have 280 employees, and almost half of them are in our R&D sector (.NET, Java developers, QA, CloudOps, technical support, etc) educated on our best technical colleges. Other profiles are from the various social sciences (economy, law, philosophy, philology), hired on different positions – support, finance, administration, HR.

The company is constantly growing, which gives our employees a lot of opportunities for career development – within teams, sectors or even cross countries. There is also a clearly defined career path for each position in the company’s HR strategy.

We have also established system of bonuses and rewards. The rewarding criteria is defined by yearly results both of the company and the employees (teams and individuals). In addition, we have a referral bonus system, for when employess recommend candidates from their network. Beside that the company provides private health insurance for each employee, flexible work hours, business trips to some of our offices (Paris, New York, London, Singapore, Dubai...), overtime compensation, teambuilding activities. Our benefits package is constantly a work in progress, so we are working on including some new things.

It is very important for the company to have highly educated employees, so beside formal education we are investing further by organizing different trainings (which are not always business related) and courses for employees. There is also an internal introductory training for all newcomers, main goal of these introductions is to employees become familiar with the company structure and business, since business knowledge is not mandatory when applying at eFront.

Working in a specific Fintech IT industry is what we believe is making us stand out. This is the main reason we are capable of providing skills from different areas: finance, business and of course a wide spectre of developer skills. We firmly believe that our biggest advantage is giving the experience of a stable and organized system, where we build and maintain youthful, team spirit and good energy.