Holycode (www.holycode.rs) is nearshoring, software development company founded in 2014, with headquarters in Belgrade. Our focus is web and mobile application development, and telehealth solutions for European startup scene.

What makes Holycode different from other outsourcing companies is our business model - our development teams are formed in Belgrade but at the same time they become part of a client company (nearshore center) and each team works exclusively for a single client on their inhouse project.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Software Development: PHP, Java, Javascript, Android, iOS and Ruby on Rails, Python, C#
  • Quality Assurance
  • Firmware Development

We have organized 8 teams of amazing brains and friendly people.

MOVU team works on modern booking engine that allows users to move with just a few clicks. It is number one platform for moving and cleaning services in Switzerland.

KNIP team works on digital insurance broker application that allows users an easy-­to-­understand overview and analysis of existing insurance policies, tariffs and services. The app automatically detects individual insurance coverage. The app is currently available for iOS and Android in Switzerland and Germany.

AVA team works on bracelet for tracking fertility days by combining break-­through sensor technology, revolutionary data science and a brilliant team to make a real difference in women's health. The bracelet is currently available on USA market.

VIU team works on platform for designer glasses and sunglasses. By delivering directly from the manufactures to the customer, VIU offers high-quality design and sustainable products at revolutionary prices.

SALVIOL team works on British product that is a leading provider of Fraud, Risk and Operational Performance Solutions to a number of vertical markets including insurance, banking, utilities, telco’s and government. They provide investigative, and real-time process support capabilities built upon big data principles and unified view of the customer’s information.

CAMPANDA team works on booking  platform for RV rental deals around the world or offer their own motorhome or trailer to prospective customers. They work with a large number of businesses and private RV owners in order to deliver the best possible choice.

ROOM ESTATE team works on booking platform for renting furnished rooms with service in communities with like-minded people, where they are also able to communicate with the customer support for everything they need during their stay there.

NETIVA / SENDVALU team works on one of the biggest platforms for the money transferring on the world. ( 53 countries ) Sendvalu has the largest network of pick-up locations available online. They are using some of the most advanced security technologies available.

Our main goal is to deliver the best product, and we strive to do it by achieving a positive work atmosphere, excellent financial and work conditions and benefits that lets our team of experts shine.

The values that we nurture in Holycode are honesty, feedback, trust, drive and performance. The long term cooperation with our clients, our ever-­growing teams and very positive results on the market are our guarantees of success.