In July 1994, a comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 collided with Jupiter and provided watching a direct collision of two objects in the solar system for the first time. Smashing into Jupiter, the comet caused the explosion stronger than the total nuclear arsenal on Earth and left behind craters with a diameter of the Earth. With the vision of the similar proportions impact on the IT market in April 2005 the Levi9 IT Services company was founded.

LEVI9 IT SERVICES ( is 850-strong Dutch IT service provider with six Delivery Centers in Central and Eastern Europe. We collaborate with clients from an eclectic array of industries, ranging from digital marketing and sales, over transportation services, banking and ISVs to TV production. We either are involved in our clients-core businesses, or directly support them. This level of involvement requires that we are responsible for choosing the right technologies and architectural solutions to fit the business. During the 12 years long successful business we worked with many worldwide known clients, such as Heineken, Hyundai, Adidas, Tom Tom, Xerox, Tele 2, Scania etc.

Head office in Serbia is based in Novi Sad and in 2014 we have opened an office in Zrenjanin. In 11th year of successful business, Levi9 enters with an office in Belgrade. With these three offices, Serbian Delivery Center is the biggest one and counts over 500 IT experts.

Everything in Levi9 is based on people and processes. We can achieve all of this because we hire smart, capable, daring people who take pride in their work and the work environment we create together. People are the biggest strength and value of our company. Quality of our work and services we deliver are reflection of quality of work of every single member of our company, and all together we make the biggest and most important team - Levi9 team.