A ridiculous and haphazard cocktail of ambition, talent and friendship led three guys from Serbia to form Mad Head Games in 2011 - and it’s been a whirlwind of immersive and atmospheric games and manic (or mad, even!) growth.

24 games later, the friendship is stronger, many more friends have joined in, and we are even more driven than ever before to push boundaries both in the way we tell stories, and in the stories themselves. We are ready to rise to even loftier heights. Ok, But Why? We’re not called Mad Head Games for nothing. We’ve made over 25 games for the casual HOPA market and have spearheaded a kind of revolution and evolution of the genre. We’ve grown, expanded and enjoyed such astounding success that we should be more than happy simply to rest on our laurels and toast our former glory. However… However? However, we’re not content.

Not even close. Having established ourselves as one of the leading HOPA game developers, we are about to embark upon the thrilling adventure of self-publishing our upcoming projects - Mini Bang and Kingewitch. We are boldly making headway into the F2P market with our coming projects. These projects represent our foray into different genres, but also our incessant pursuit of amazingness in video games.

In other words, the Mad World is about to get even madder!