Microsoft Development Center Serbia – MDCS was founded in 2005, as the only Dev center at that point in Central Eastern Europe. In the first few years it was recognized for applied mathematics. Today, MDCS has more than 200 employees and main domains of expertise are machine learning and big data.
The MDCS’s team consists of software engineers with solid industry experience and fresh college graduates with a common trait – hunger for achieving and making a substantial impact.
There are six teams within MDCS that maintain collaboration with engineers from various Microsoft development centers around the world (Redmond, Boston, Israel, India, Ireland and China), and Microsoft researchers from Redmond, Cambridge and Asia.
MDCS is created with a mission to take an active part in conception of novel Microsoft technologies by hiring unique local talent from Serbia and to contribute components to some of Microsoft’s premiere and most innovative products.
Each member of the MDCS team, through their ideas and dedication, affect many people changing their worldview and making their daily lives easier. All Microsoft projects developed in Serbia are recognized by the Microsoft and millions of users globally, which promotes Serbia and places it on the technological map of the world.