Experience the sound like never before in this exciting audio adventure. Help the blind scientist and explore interesting Zoundark world, the world in which you will see a lot more if you close your eyes.

Paul, the world famous scientist has gone blind after an explosion and wakes up in the hospital. While he gradually accepts his fate, Zoundark creatures start to appear. He hears their strange call sounds, begins to explore them and he will eventually realize that these creatures have special powers. The creatures take him to places he explored during his career, while he tries to discover the reason why they put themselves known. Since the current world now looks at him in a completely different way because he is not able to look after himself, he departs from it. The new world he discovered appears to be a lot more interesting, but he needs your help to succeed in his intention to discover it.

Get deep into exploring of the amazing environments and discover the mystic Zoundark creatures. The unique gameplay experience will close your eyes but it will also open the portal to the new world in which you do not need the sight to see everything. Entrance is only one step away from you, good luck!