Woka Woka is a super addictive, Zuma - style, brand new puzzle game. 

In this challenging game you need to fire a marble into the chain of colored marbles and create a blast to eliminate them before they eliminate you. 
Remember, only the bravest can succeed in this marble blast mania!


  • Amazing graphics
  • Interesting characters
  • Boss levels: will you manage to destroy the chain if the path is invisible?
  • Stone Marbles NEW! Destroy all the balls in front of the Stone to collect it!
  • Icing Blockers NEW! Shoot the frozen marbles to remove the ice. The marble can be destroyed only after the ice is removed. TIP: Fireball would be of great help!
  • Play with friends: Connect your Facebook account!
  • Spectacular boosters! Play and unlock them all. 
  • Many deluxe powers to discover! Create combos to get amazing power-ups. Powerful Fireball is only one of them.

After the whirlpool accident, the river took Woka the Turtle far, far away. She woke up at the beach, of a completely unknown landscape. There’s no time to waste! The Turtle needs to polish her weapon, as fight for survival starts immediately! 

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