Univerzitet eCampus

University eCampus, namely Università Telematica e-Campus Italian university with five faculties has opened an office in Belgrade - Belgrade University eCampus.

With basic and master studies organized by online distance learning from Serbia in Italian or English Web eCampus department, organizes IT courses in Belgrade on the basis of the concept of learn and work!

The goal is to get through the training and practice participants on projects to get an impression of what awaits them in the future after completing the course.

The lecturers are experienced local IT experts with the support of assistants and professors from the University eCampus.

The school is located in the center of Belgrade, at the corner of Boulevard of Despot Stefan and Cvijićeva Street, specifically at Despota Stefana 68c.

We offer the following courses (which may be for a period of 3 or 6 or 12 months):

  1. PHP Programming
  2. JAVA Programming
  3. .NET Programming
  4. iOS Programming
  5. Android Programming
  6. WordPress
  7. Drupal CMS
  8. Web Design
  9. Graphic Design
  10. Adobe Photoshop
  11. Photo and imaging
  12. Prepress
  13. Development of Internet shops
  14. Internet marketing and SEO Optimization
  15. HTML5 + CSS3
  16. Course on request

Our message is simple: LEARN AND WORK!
You can contact us at the number 011 / 655-75-02 or visit our web site www.itkursevi.com