WEBCentric is a software development company based in Serbia that specializes in web applications, working mostly on the foreign markets. The company was founded in 2005 and is still led by the original founder.

Our main characteristics are creativity, professionalism, reliability and responsiveness. Even though our development methods and procedures are very formal and well-defined, the overall atmosphere in the company is pleasant and relaxed.

The main product that we offer is the price monitoring service - Price2Spy, (http://www.price2spy.com), which is continually developed and perfected. It is currently used by over 400 clients within 86 countries, for whom we monitor more than 30K websites worldwide. It involves full range of Back- and Front-end technologies as well as Web services.

Another aspect of our business is software development, as well as support and application maintenance for our clients. We deal mainly with new Web applications (in Java server technologies) and websites, but also quite often with integrating the existing applications with new business environments that help our clients stay competitive in the digital world.

Currently, WEBCentric employs 36 employees, but the number has been constantly growing. Our employees come from a wide range of professions – mostly within IT industry. We have a number of developers who work within various technologies. With competitive salary, pleasant atmosphere, creative and young team, and great conditions, WEBCentric is an organization where work is both a challenge and a pleasure.

Our clients

We are proud of the fact some of the world's leading companies are our clients:

  • Nike, Symantec, Rakuten, Sennheiser, Schneider Electric, Kuoni, Legrand…

In Serbia, our clients are companies like

  • Partizan BCS, Tehnomanija, Serbian Ski Resorts, OFPS…