Vip mobile: Catch the wave of innovation

15.04.2015 - 17:00

The key to success for  Vip are innovation and desire that with new solutions give users a unique user experience. They live a different story through imagination and creativity, looking beyond the borders and inspire each other in achieving common goals.

All those who want to catch the wave of new technology and become part of Vip other stories can apply to and visit them on the first ITjobfair in May 23 and 24 at the Crowne Plaza.

Vip pushes the limits

In order to keep the city a leader in innovation and quality, Vip IT specialists continuously work on the evaluation, testing and implementation of new solutions and technologies. Vip is one of the first operators in the world who has successfully tested and demonstrated the call over LTE (volts) in completely virtualized network environment (NFC) where the conversations made through 4G networks, with much better sound quality HD voice and video content and shorter time you make a call.
Experts in Vip work on defining and integrating digital services and solutions - online / web shop concept, online self-care, single sign-on principle as the main concept of authentication and authorization of users in the digital environment. They develop and improve the existing architecture to support new services and integration with 3rd party solutions (cloud solutions OTT), convergence (convergence of mobile - prepaid and postpaid, and convergence with other services - video streaming, financial, fixed) and vertical connection with other industries through M2M (Machine to Machine) and advanced business solutions. Through creative work on various projects IT professionals in Vip harder simplifying the architecture and process automation.

Successfully develop talents

Various development programs at all levels in the organization trained employment in Vip to be ready for more responsible role in the future and help the company to maintain its leading position in the field of quality and innovation.

Through technological academy in the local level and Telekom Austria Group, whose members develop their best experts in the field of technology. Lectures, workshops, exchange of experiences provide opportunities for employees to learn about the latest and advanced technologies and trends in the world of telecommunications. Through a specially designed program for the youngest talents, composed of several modules, during the year to develop their knowledge and skills in order as soon assumed the roles of experts.

They are a different story!

They are proud of the team that is characterized by the energy that drives positive change, improvement and innovation. All this combined with the commitment and expertise contributed to Vip mobile is recognized as a place to shape the future experts at the level of the Telekom Austria Group. They run large projects, caring for complex systems and develop new solutions. They are the ones who actively participate in the creation of cutting-edge technologies.

They're having fun while working

Business challenges are a playground for them, the big kids of different talents.
Every day is a time for them endless entertainment that opens up a universe where ideas are born free and where employee satisfaction and each user are the greatest wealth. In a pleasant environment, they do what they love, and job access freely, spontaneously and with a smile.