First ITjobfair in Serbia – ITkonekt

17.03.2015 - 09:15

Helmet for virtual reality, simulation of new work places, how is it to be a programmer in the 21st century, modern office chair with massage and space for games, billiards and pinball games are just some of the ways in which the company will present at the first job fair intended exclusively IT industry. What are the advantages and how it looks today work in modern IT companies, you will find out if you visit this event.

First IT Job Fair will be held May 23 and 24 at the Crowne Plaza in Belgrade, all interesetd can apply via the website

The main partner of the event is Microsoft Development Center Serbia and jobs, and vacations in  IT will offer also Cosmic Development, Humanity, Manpower, Trizma, Telenor, Efront, Vast, DDOR, Conveo solutions and others.

Detecting errors in the code, participate in making mini applications, solving interesting problems, like this IT specialists will be able to test their knowledge. Some companies at  ITjobfair will do the first round of selection on ITkonekt and to meet with their potential candidates.

First IT job fair will be organized as a part of a larger event called ITkonekt, which will contain two parts: GameSpace, which will bring together all those interested in gaming, and ITconference, where the great experts in the IT industry to talk about the latest trends in IT -ju.

Specially interesting will be GameSpace, the space where visitors can see the most exciting part of the gaming world - old pinball machines that are integrated with new games, Microsoft Xbox, Kinect, modern graphics for games. Participants will not only have the opportunity to try out the latest games on the market, but also to test new ideas, encode parts of a video game on the spot ...

For those who want to demonstrate a new and original game that are independently created, there will be a possibility to present their ideas and compete with other indie developers (independent developers in gaming), who will thus be able to gain new fans or processed but those who follow them.

Event like this was never held in Serbia.

ITkonekta aim is to gather in one place the best IT professionals and start creating the biggest IT community in the country. This will be the starting point for creating a strong brand that will contribute to the promotion of IT in Serbia, to initiate positive change and better development of the IT industry, and encourage the education of more high-quality IT professionals and profiles that are in demand in the market.