18.11.2016 - 16:15

At ITkonekt meetup on November 30 in Quantox Technology, an IT company, we will be talking about smart and dumb components of Angular 2 and refactoring legacy code. 

Unlike traditional meetups, ITkonekt is opening the doors of IT companies and making their IT experts' knowledge accessible.

Therefore, besides having a chance to attend useful lectures, visitors will also be able to take a walk through the company's premises, catch a glimpse of the offices, see for themselves what the working environment is like, find out more about the way employees work and socialize, as well as having fun.

You can register at this link, number of seats is limited. 


Meetup will be held on November 30 at 6 p.m.


The host of this ITkonekt meetup will be Quantox Technology, a company with a ten-year experience in Serbia, that has a fantastic team of developers, designers, modellers and dozens of satisfied clients.

Lecturers and topics

Developers who will be giving lectures at our meetup on November 30 from Quantox Technology are Petar Slović, JavaScript engineer and Danijel Petrović, CTO in Quantox Technology. 

1. Petar Slović - who never gets tired of coding and coming up with new ideas.
Topic: Smart and dumb components in Angular 2

What will you learn?
Keeping in mind that every framework, from React to Angular 2 has a concept of components, he will explain how to get the best out of this architecture, as well as combine and manage interactions between them. Petar will explore the prevailing form providing us with two different types of components- smart and dumb. 

2. Danijel Petrović - who has always wanted to learn new things since the moment he was able to type in 6 different programming languages.
Topic: Refactoring legacy code

What will you learn?
Many developers find themselves working on a code as old as some teenager. A big part of a code is a "spaghetti code", cron is responsible for the information flow, there are no unit tests, there are a number of servers and you do not know what each server does. Danijel will be talking about this code specifically and about the right time to refactore it.  

Socializing after the lectures
After interesting lectures, a more interesting part follows. You will have a chance to meet employees and talk to them about the best practice in the programming world as well as having a chat. 

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