MAIN PARTNER ITKONEKT, Microsoft Development Center Serbia: Serbia can be Israel in IT

23.04.2015 - 14:00

When Microsoft opened a development center in our country in 2005, there were only eight employees. Today, Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MCDS) employs about 200 people. And almost all of them were trained in Serbia. This year MDCS, is marking jubilee 10 years of existence, and can be proud to have in their ranks one of the most talented IT professionals in Serbia.

Projects for future

Few people know that IT engineers who sits at its development center in Serbia today are working on projects that are used by millions of people around the world. Some of these software and operating system on which experts in the MDCS-in, we will use for few years.Here is creating the future and, therefore our country is becoming a very important point on the world map of new technologies.

The most modern workspace in Serbia

Last year, the MDCS has opened a new floor in the building. These rooms are probably something cutting edge that has so far been seen as a workspace in our country. During working hours, the employee's MDCS can relax in the multifunctional massage chairs, use a fully equipped kitchen, various chill out room to relax, play billiards, pinball machines and other games.


New colleagues are always welcome

Microsoft Development Center Serbia in most cases employ candidates who have completed a technical and engineering faculties in Serbia. Most employees coming from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Computer Sciences, then the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Faculty of Electronics, FON, and the Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Novi Sad, Kragujevac and Nis and Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad.

This year we plan to hire at least another 15 IT engineers, and all those who visit the first IT job fair ITjobfair will have the opportunity to apply for these positions.

Serbia can be Israel in IT

They are saying that the current number of IT professionals in Serbia is not in proportion to the population of the country. They need to be much more. As they say, the goal is to have 2-3 times the number of IT engineers to develop IT industry in Serbia, and for this it is necessary to increase the enrollment quotas on technical and technological universities.

When young people in the IT industry realize that the work in this area itself can provide a good income and a job that is in line with international standards, it will be difficult to maintain in the country. It is way to reduce the "brain drain" from Serbia.

The MDC believes that it is not unrealistic that Serbia in the future can be as Israel, which earns huge funds thanks to the IT. A large number of small businesses and start-up's in this country generates a huge amount of money, and it is responsible for the good climate that encourages the development of IT industry.