Krojačeva škola web dizajna

School in which you learn.

Everything else -  is else.

Departments: Web design and PHP programming 11 weeks // // 220 hours

Training Center: Training for WordPress // // Content Manager Marketing and Business Development

- 90% of students tailors school deals with web design and PHP programming immediately upon completion of the training.

- From school exit with references - ready for new customers.

- The most modern working conditions - Apple Regional Training Center.

- Teachers who are rumored - Web developers with experience in the web and the transmission of knowledge.

- The unique methodology that does not leave "gaps" in knowledge.

- Support after school, help and encouragement when you need it most.

- A program that is popular in line with the trends.

- Practice and platform for quicker arrival to the first client.

- Professional and yet family atmosphere that nurture the soul.

- And most important: friends who are with you!