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Performance Technologies:
Performance Technologies is the exclusive supplier of media software and creative services to the Performance Media Group, Germany. We are an integral part of the Hamburg office; and our more than 40 colleagues in Belgrade develop & design in close collaboration with our German team.
We supply the German market with exceptionally creative and technically convincing online advertisements. We have a unique position as we base our creations on the latest media insights generated inhouse. This allows our clients to receive superior return on their spend on creative products, like high click through rates and conversion rates.
We develop cutting edge media software that provides media customers with insights helping them to maximize the ROI for their media campaigns. Our systems are market leading.

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esome is a full service social media advertising specialist offering modular solutions for every challenge our clients face in the Facebook universe. With our proprietary optimization engine – the esome engine – all advertising objectives, from brand to direct response, can be structured, managed, optimized and results can be seamlessly integrated into your controlling systems. esome offers hands-on and tailored expert support for advertising professionals and beginners to get the best out of every campaign, thus ultimately helping clients to exploit the full potential of all available social media advertising channels. Our solution was tested across a wide spectrum of industries and all insights can be translated into tailored algorithms, which help to further increase the social media advertising efficiency of our clients.

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