Sizmek – Open Ad Management.

Freedom of choice and end-to-end advertising. 

It’s all about what you want, OPENNESS / CHOICE. An open, independent, flexible framework that puts us and our clients in control.

How do you feel about?

  • Getting immersed in an ecosystem of 3.400 advertising agencies, over 17.000 brands & advertisers and 22.000 global web publishers, with ads served in more than 70 countries?
  • Working with brand marketers, advertising agencies, publishers, and trading desks to build and target ads to reach audiences across the globe, connect with the right audiences across channels, both programmatic and direct.
  • Getting in touch with everything, while focusing on one branch - we provide END TO END Digital Marketing.  All the technology, intelligence and strategic guidance needed to make advertising easier and more effective. Build and target ads, manage and activate data, buy media, manage, analyze and evaluate campaigns- seamlessly, across all devices and channels.

About us:

With Sizmek, our clients choose the tools that fit their strategy with our flexible integrations. 

  • We build, deliver, and analyze client’s entire strategy with our complete ad management platform.
  • We choose from dozens of innovative display advertising capabilities and formats.
  • We connect all the pieces of client’s programmatic strategy.
  • We build, serve, analyze, and optimize outstanding mobile ads, on any device.
  • We deliver innovative and engaging omnichannel video advertising.
  • We put client’s data to work for client, no matter what source it comes from, to deliver the most relevant ads for our client’s customers and verify client’s deliver.
  • We create hundreds of thousands of versions with dynamic creative.
  • We have been solving client problems for more than 15 years.

Open the horizons with Sizmek. Contact us to learn more!

Why are we here?

We are looking for new colleagues, Digital Producers, Creative Solution Engineers and Programmatic Trading Specialists. Have the opportunity to meet your future team and participate in Banner Thon for a chance to win payed Internship and employment.

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